Virginia Water, Parish Boundary Walk


Route Point 4 :: The log stream crossing

(This is the only planned agility test)


Well, The little challenge is tucked away in the heart of the golf course. Year by year the tree trunk is rotting away, making this simple crossing that little bit more of a challenge each time. Thanks to Bob Walker, the hand rail was installed, and has become a permanent fixture for many years. Good luck no-ones fallen in yet ! Then its back onto the golf course, where we have to give the golfers respect and silence if they are playing. There is the West course half-way- 9th hole-hut with its toilets at this point. Then we head on towards a well deserved, and appreciated pit-stop at a friends house around the A30 Sunningdale area.


The log stream crossing


Time for some fishing (for golf balls ??) Through the woods


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